Naveen Andrews gives son zombie testicles

Naveen Andrews

“Lost” star Naveen Andrews (he plays Sayid on the show that forgot plot development) took a set of zombie balls home for his son to play with. Naveen plays a zombie body part collector in “Grindhouse” and couldn’t resist taking the testicles.

“My character collects body parts and displays them in glass jars. I kept the balls and gave them to my 15-year-old son. “He was thrilled. Now he has a pair of zombie balls in his bedroom.”

I took a set of breasts before when I was super famous. Except they were real. The London press called me Jack the Ripper. What an ugly name. I prefer Jack the Collector.

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Cool! Naveen as a bad guy – he’s perfect for the role. I can’t wait to see this movie & LoL Jack.

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