Punk’d is over, finally

Ashton Kutcher’s brainchild, Punk’d, is finally closing its doors for real this time. Conceived in 2003, Kutcher brought Candid Camera to the celebrity world. Later, he announced an end to the show in an attempt to lower the guards of celebrities. This time, however, MTV claims the show is officially over and will air the finale at 9 p.m. on April 10.

This sounds like an open time slot on MTV. Perhaps they would like to hear my new idea. I call it Kidnapped. The premise is I kidnap celebrities and hold them for large ransoms. After I get my money and I run away to an island with no extradition laws, I’ll tell the FBI where I hid them. Pretty funny, huh?

The banner pic is of Jill Wagner because she was on Punk’d before she went to that doomed vampire show on Spike.

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