Rose McGowan decided on see-through

Rose McGowan decided on see-through

Before the night began, Rose McGowan thought to herself, “What would Jesus wear?” The answer was simple. A sheer green shirt sans bra to proudly display her nipples on a chilly night. Jesus always had a flair for fashion. Underneath that drab white robe, he’s wearing fluorescent spandex topped with a rhinestone jacket with “Party Animal” embroidered on the back. It’s true. I saw it when he hit on me.

Rose McGowan see through

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Ed Miller

I read Kaley Cuoco, and not Blake Lively, as “the replacement” in the Blind Gossip piece.


She settled a lawsuit with Weinstein in 1997, but posed sexily with just him at a party in 2007 and other parties after that. I don’t understand her thinking if he really raped her 10 years before that.


How could it be retaliation if the warrant was issued nine months ago? The reason everyone found out about it today is that Rose McGowan made a tweet about it. It looks as though the reason Rose came forward about Weinstein was because she knew she would be facing criminal prosecution soon and wanted some good PR first.

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