Ryan Reynolds is dating Jessica Biel

Ryan Reynolds was seen on a dinner date with Jessica Biel at Babalu in Santa Monica. As you may know, Ryan broke up with his long-time girlfriend Alanis Morissette because…I forget why. I’m guessing it had to do with the fact that Alanis isn’t in Ryan’s league. Ryan is up in the stratosphere while Alanis has developed an incredible resistance to heat living in Earth’s core. She’d be much happier dating people that appreciate her anyway. Like the deaf.

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15 years ago

Sorry,I don’t know who the fucker is who wrote this article? But could you believe you ucking little piece of s**t that there are some people who didn’t pay so much attention to the look and the style of somebody? Perhaps it is more important to him how somebody thinks and behaves, I think of the inner qualities of a human being not just how big the boops are or how thin the legs could be??????

15 years ago

I agree, Nicole. Ryan is good looking and all that, but it’s not about leagues. Him and Alanis made a cute couple, and I’m sure they had valid reasons for breaking up, it was a mutual thing. Plus he’s a kind person, so he wouldn’t break up with her for vanity reasons. I wish him and Jessica the best of luck, if they are dating, tho it’s all speculation at the min. After all they have been friends for a long while.

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