The Kim Kardashian sex tape is out

Kim Kardashian

Yesterday Kim Kardashian became an official porn star. There was a parade, streamers, music and Ray-J’s dick scoring a hat-trick. Sadly for Kim, the court wouldn’t file an injunction against Vivid Entertainment thereby allowing them to release the tape according to plan. As expected, in the same amount of time it took for the tape to hit, clips were unleashed into the wild. and a few torrent sites had all 8 clips by days end. As also expected, Drunken Stepfather (NSFW clips, wait, it’s a porno, nudity, vagina, penis and boobs should be obvious) had the clips up before your belt buckle could hit the floor with the dull *clink* you’ve grown so accustomed to.

Well, now that Kimmy is a bonafide adult actress, excuse me, unwilling bonafide adult actress (happy Kimmy?), it’s time to look towards the future. I see vibrator endorsements, SugarDVD speaking engagements and even KY Jelly commercials on NATIONAL television. Basically everything young girls dream of. But you can’t have success without hurting at least one person. Bff Paris Hilton is indubitably fuming at home, wishing that was really her holding Cee-Lo’s penis…even if it wasn’t really Cee-Lo.

There aren’t any links yet because I don’t have rapidshare premium and I’m too lazy to wait. Interestingly enough, Vivid wants Ray-J to direct four of their films. He has yet to decline.

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