Those pictures of Antonella Barba didn’t help

Sorry for the late start today. What you see on tv is a total lie. The sun’s rays do not turn into a hand and then pimp slap a sleeping boy. So how about that Antonella Barba? She was finally kicked off the show. You’re probably wondering what the future holds for her. Yesterday, SugarDVD offered her $500,000 to become their new spokesperson. Many of you already know SugarDVD is the largest online renter of adult DVDs.

If Barba signs, her first gig would be hosting a launch party for their new video-on-demand service. (The Sugar CEO) said he welcomed a bidding war, “You saw her photos online, she’s smokin’. We will not lose because of money.

Before SugarDVD was James Francis who offered Antonella $250,000 to host a Girls Gone Wild video. Hugh Hefner has also expressed moderate interest in Antonella doing a Playboy spread.

Absent from the list of possible future careers is a singing contract. You’d think at least one label would express interest in her. She was picked to be on the show before any pictures after all. It seems people are only interested in seeing her naked. Shame on you America. By the way, here are some of those Antonella Barba pictures. A lot more here.

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