Tom Cruise tried to convert Larry King

Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise tried to persuade Larry King to join his cult of Scientology. Cruise took Larry on a personal tour of Scientology’s Hollywood museum ominously called Psychiatry: An Industry of Death. It’s an exhibit exposing the evils of psychiatry for those that don’t quite get it. King has never shied away from talking about his battle with depression or his use of anti-depressants. So what does he think of the trendy religion?

“I like Tom a lot,” King told the Palm Beach Post in discussing the tour, but adds he disagrees with the actor’s and Scientology’s position on anti-depressants and psychiatry. The church blames the latter on everything from patients’ suicides to the Holocaust. “Their attack on psychiatry is incredible. They hate psychiatry.”

Scientology is going downhill. They used to woo hot young stars like Will Smith and Jennifer Lopez. Now they’re going for the easily deceived elderly. The only problem is even they know Scientology is a sham. You could print out a bill on binder paper, mail it to some old person and nine times out of ten, they’d pay it. But take them on a tour of this exhibit and they’d twirl their finger around their ear and go “Cuuuuckooo Cuuuuckoo.” Then they’d forget where they were and probably break their hip.

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Too bad his head didn’t explode. He’s a disgusting maniac who supports a CULT.

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