Alec Baldwin does “The View”

Alec Baldwin continued his campaign of “No, really, I’m a good parent” by showing up on The View. He used big words like parental alienation and custodial parent. I think he’s saying he wants to send his daughter to Mars or he’s an alien. Alec Baldwin an alien? Ahh, run! I’m too young to be tentacle raped.

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15 years ago

Although I do not agree with Alec’s losing control of his emotions on his daughters answering machine, I do understand the frustration of an alienated parent.

Let me ask you this, Are you over 12?

Because if you are you might consider grabbing a dictionary and looking up those “big words” Alec used such as Parent Alienation, and then do a google search on what they mean.

I hope you never understand the pain of an alienated parent first hand.

Have a wonderful day


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