An American Idol sex tape

An American Idol sex tape

This might be big news to some. I’m talking to you fans of East Coast rock band The Watchdogs. Ok, for the one person who cares about top 24 contestant Olivia Mojica from season two of American Idol, her “very explicit” sex tape will be released by the same people who brought you Kim Kardashian’s over-hyped p.o.s. Details about what makes it explicit are unclear, just that some guy says it is. TMZ reports,

We’re told the tape is “very explicit” and features 40 minutes of “smoking hot sex.” One source who says he has seen the tape put it this way — “It’s the nastiest tape I’ve ever seen.”

The Kim Kardashian tape was supposed to have a “water” scene which was removed. Big let down. Now they’re saying this tape that belongs more on an amateur website than on a celebrity sex tape list is nasty and explicit? Is there shit involved? That’s the only act I can think of which warrants such a bold description. That and farm animals. But probably not because the description would be more like “oinkalicious” or “neighsty”. “Smoking hot” is more along the lines of cigars and cattle branding.

Update: Here’s the splash page. Olivia has a dirty mouth.

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