Angelina and Brad will sail away

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt have commissioned a 240 ft. custom built yacht setting them back $137 million. What will this monstrosity have?

It will boast six ensuite bedrooms – kitted out with luxury marble and gold fittings – a swimming pool, helicopter pad and gym.

If I had a 240 ft. yacht, I’d get all the ladies. Um, not that I don’t already, but I’d get them in bikinis and I’d make it so they had to go topless. That’s my solution to everything though. It’s why I’m no longer allowed to run my ice cream truck business. Apparently, letting pre-schoolers grab boob is frowned upon. Whatever. My mom’s boobs didn’t mind.

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16 years ago

Lucky people

I dont even have the money to buy a single room in that hatch :p