Anna Nicole’s diaries reveal her softer side

Passages from two of Anna Nicole’s diaries have been revealed. They paint a picture of a woman deeply in love with her much older and dying husband. They also detail her struggles with food and sex. Here are a couple of samples.

“I’ve been really stressed out lately and depressed and I can’t quit eating. I feel like a pig. Howard has been buying me som jewelry but he call me 15 or 20 times a day it drives me crazy. I love him but he agravates me somtimes. I don’t no what to do about Paul hes strange guy. I hate for men to want sex all the time.”

“Hes [husband Marshall] so very weak and fragile When I touch him Im afraid he might break. If Jesus desides to take him I dont no what I’ll do. I love him so much it hurts me to site and watch him when hes hurting I just want to hold him touch him let him no how much I care.”

Anna Nicole’s coherency is quite impressive. I would have expected the diary to go, “Dear Diary, Today I ” followed by a puddle of dried drool where she passed out after the drugs kicked in.

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16 years ago

I have heard that her diary is selling for good at an auction