Brooke Hogan is too sexy

Brooke Hogan

If you wanted to see what Brooke Hogan looks like sucking in her stomach in a failed attempt to look sexy, then today’s your lucky day. I’m not sure why ugly over here was pulling back that gut. My theory at the moment is she’s both a tranny and an idiot. This was based on years of research. You can see the proof published in the next Time magazine.

Brooke HoganBrooke HoganBrooke HoganBrooke HoganBrooke Hogan

  • Kewl

    I still thing she is UGLY !!

  • so what

    I agree, she is not a pretty girl at all.

  • luv blemish on my face

    poor soul, she inherited Hulks genes. she’s a great costume impersonater for halloween tho.

  • aussie

    she looks pretty good in that music video of hers though, i think its just that she is without makeup now. her mom kind of looks like a man too …i guess since hulk hogan is so manly he doesn’t notice.

  • Hockey Fan

    she looks decent in her music video becuase they air brushed and photoshopped it to death. It looks nothing like her, I live near Miami, have seen her before, but not in miami, performing at a hockey game awhile back actually, had seats thisclose to her, and trust me, she is big, fat, flabby and ugly. and she does look like a dude, my buddy thought she was a tranny, did not know who the hell she was at the time, just thought she was butt ugly.

  • yeah right jealous asses. i would make sweet love to brooke hogan for hours. and basically all dudes would so dont lie. and i think she was just self concience about her body cause she is amazzzzing. m 22 umma beast

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