Cameron Diaz is a little tipsy

Wednesday night, Cameron Diaz arrived at Teddy’s where she met up with Nicky Hilton. After dancing with a middle-aged man, Cameron and Nicky needed a breather. They headed to the bathroom and once inside, complained about the nasty pimples on their face (completely disregarding the nasty face on their face). Then, according to Us Magazine, the enchanting duo began popping their zits.

You can only begin to imagine the horror of other patrons as these two covered the chic mirrors with a thin layer of blood and puss. Although no video cameras were present, there are these pictures of Cameron Diaz stumbling out of Paris Hilton’s after-party at her house, seemingly drunk. I’d like to think she’s just woozy from the blood loss that comes after decimating legions of pimples. That’s probably two pints of blood right there.

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16 years ago

She even looks so aged now !!