Courtney Love strived for perfection

Courtney Love is back with more inane rambling on her website. This time she expounds on her workouts, diet and addiction to perfection.

im integrated now and like all of uis m a special child of the universe- chanted witha very cool buddhist today who i met last night- very very famous dps wife she was gret great diamoku. i see these pics and something must be wrongw ith me co si know what i wweigh and i still dont feel quite thin enough, im gonn go for tewn more pounds and then ill mainatin at that imd oing weight training and pilates and more tough stuff so ic an tone more, you lose this much weighta nd get saggy skina nd im in no mood for saggy anything thank you very much sdo i need ot firm up and get my butt in shape and tummy and arms, and fdo the heavy lifting – the hardest part the first 50 pounds is over- now i just gotta put the w3ork in to get where i wanna be-= but i m a rockstar and my job isnt to be perfect – in fact he addictiont o the idea opf “perfection” has infested my life in the past and im over it- its never thnk god infected my music but its affected my outeard appearance and self esteem and i need to know that as long a s ido somnething fo rsomeone else every day as longa s my duty ist o make others less miserable in fct helo them to be happy=- by what we call “kosenrufu: ” wich means world peace – and value creation wherever we go( nichiren buddhists) its so important to be of service to others , so very very important for purely selfish reasons- one gets more from the universe the more ones heart is opne and all that stuff.

Yes, yes, oh really? That’s very interesting. Hmm, you don’t say. Psst, I have no clue what you’re talking about Courtney. If you don’t have a firm grasp on the hand-eye coordination required to hit the correct keyboard keys, it’s best not to look up at the ceiling when you type. Or maybe your idea of perfection needs to include focusing on your hands in future workouts. I hear pudgy fingers can be a bitch when typing.

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15 years ago

Looks as if she gave some one else to write it and all was messed up

15 years ago

I dont think it was someone else..

She might be busy though

9 years ago

Comment from Gloria Steinem (after NYC screening on 9/9/08): HOUNDDOG is that resart of all movies, one about a young girl who is not blameless, lives in a world that demands her self-sacrifice, yet still chooses herself. Dakota Fanning, Robin Wright Penn and writer/director Deborah Kampmeier are panes of glass through which we see others clearly yet also a reflection of ourselves. Like a good novel, HOUNDDOG will stay with you. Women especially should see this important, unforgettable film and take the men they love with them. (Text sent in eBlast by director Deborah Kampmeier with GS permission.)

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