Courtney Love’s breath is stank

Courtney Love continues to deny she underwent plastic surgery and instead says diet and exercise is what helped slim her down. A friend of Courtney’s counters this claim and attempts to shed some light on the singer’s rippling stomach.

“She’s telling people she got the gastric band surgery. She even said she had to sleep with a towel by her because the surgery makes her [vomit] all the time and is worried she won’t be able to make out with anyone because of her breath.”

Bad breath isn’t going to be the reason not to kiss Courtney Love. I’d rather shove a live power line down my throat than have my lips anywhere near this thing. Go into any dive bar and eventually someone will tell their harrowing tale of surviving a make-out session with the rocker with as much intensity as a sea captain describing his white whale. “The open sore was this big, dude.”

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17 years ago

Doesent the photo clearly show the surgery ?

Some people are so stupid