Crazy chick tries to kill Sandra Bullock’s husband

Sandra Bullock and her 10-year-old child watched as Marcia Valentine, a crazed fan of Sandra, tried running over her husband, Jesse James, 3 or 4 times at their Orange County home. Jesse avoided being struck by the Mercedes each time. Valentine then laid in the driveway and wouldn’t move. She fled before OC Sheriffs arrived, but was located after a manhunt.

I was almost killed one time by a crazed fan too. She tried running me over with an SUV three times until she finally gave up. I remember it well. I was five and I had drawn on the wall. The police said my mom overreacted. Today I look back and realize, it was just good parenting. And yes, my expression was like Sandra’s in the banner.

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so what
so what
16 years ago

WOW, what a predicament, I guess hes a lucky guy, he could have been killed. A shame his 10 yr old had to see that.

LOL !!
LOL !!
16 years ago

Ya really…Luck man…nothing like that happens here though !!