Don’t ask Jenna about her botched vagina surgery

Jenna Jameson

Jenna Jameson has become so increasingly affected by her divorce that her fans have began to suffer. Last weekend at the Exxxoitca convention in Miami Beach, Jenna was supposed to show up for six hours in two days, but arrived late both days and left 45 minutes early the second day. Her management wasn’t too happy with people asking questions about her decaying body and botched vaginoplasty either.

“When fans openly asked her about her [botched surgery] and why she was so thin, her people cut them off. But she shouldn’t be standing in front of an old photo of herself when she’s about 40 pounds skinnier than she was.”

The common reaction when Jenna stands in front of an old photo of herself is, “Holy shit, zombie!” Followed by an overzealous, wheezing Highlander fan who wandered into the wrong convention taking out his cardboard sword and attempting to slice her head off. Best porn convention ever? Yes, best porn convention ever.

Here she is at the Exxxotica reliving her glory days.

Jenna JamesonJenna JamesonJenna JamesonJenna JamesonJenna Jameson

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Bob Frapples

“last week when Playboy did a good thing”
WTF? Playboy is about showing naked women for men. NOBODY wants to see naked dudes who think they’re girls! Liberals LOVE science when it comes to shitting on religion but not when it comes to gender.

Jac Jac

Ines Rau has the right to identify as a woman. But all the plastic surgery in the world can not make her one. Playboy’s desperate bid for attention may bite them in the ass.

And you don’t have to be a Liberal to shit on religion.

Perry de Havilland

“This guy identifies as a girl. And that’s cool.”

Meanwhile back in the real world, it’s a sorry turn of events to see a porn star, no less, stating something blindly obvious to anyone with a modicum of common sense, and yet still get shouted down for daring to engage in wrongthink. Goodness, and then she has the temerity to not respond to criticism with a cringing apology for the crime of saying what most other people are probably thinking.

John Monitor

I agree with Jenna … I want to see naked women, not men who have been skin grafted to look like women. Its like the difference between fake boobs and natural ones – men don’t care, as long as they’re boobs that came from women (not ones grown in a lab.)

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