Even Prince makes fun of Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton was in the audience when Prince played Club 3121 in Vegas’ Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino. Much to her chagrin, Prince invited her on stage, handed her the mic and said to the audience, “Let’s see if she can really sing.” Paris stormed off the stage and left the show two songs later. Paris’ rep responded, “The item is false.”

Getting made fun of by Prince is pretty bad. Getting made fun of by Prince for your atrocious singing is worse. The last time I saw this guy was at the Super Bowl and only for a minute before I spiked my remote into the ground and left in disgust. It’s like a guy in a wheelchair making fun of you for tripping over yourself. Then beating you up and robbing you. And maybe rolling over you a few times with his chair for good measure.

Paris HiltonParis HiltonParis HiltonParis HiltonParis Hilton

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