Gawker dies a Jimmy Kimmel death

Gawker editor Emily Gould was on Larry King Live with Jimmy Kimmel guest hosting the other night and was throttled. The subject of debate was the Gawker Stalker map where people send in their celebrity sightings. Kimmel asked about Gawker fact checking which Emily had no response to. He also brought up an article that said he was drunk when he wasn’t. Just watch it. Emily got owned. She could have just sat there in silence for 30 seconds; then farted. The result would have been the same, but less embarrassing.

  • krissypoo

    and what was up with her odd facial ticks??

  • Jinxy McDeath

    The worst person Gawker could have sent to defend what they are doing, she’s a ree ree. She needs a media consultant desperately, her mannerisms made her stupidity even more pronounced.

  • VB Pete

    who listens to Kimmel? He’s a loser. And who did he blow to sit in for Larry King??


  • grugel

    What the deuce?

  • Joana

    I still wonder how some people can fart in public !

    urrghhh !

  • bettyanne

    this woman appeared to be under the influence of something herself. the facial contortions, mannerisms, etc. she certainly must know that she was a train wreck. i will never look into her website. the lawyer is right, a lawsuit is a when, not an if. the arguement of ‘four years and nothing happening’ doesn’t fly- she encourages ‘phone-tagging’ of celebrities and sits there giggling like an idiot, eyeballs all bulging around-eeew!

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