Halle Berry is going bald

Halle Berry is set to go bald for her next film “Nappily Ever After”. Too bad movie-goers may not see this Britney-esque hairstyle until next year since the script was only recently completed. Halle says,

“I still struggle with this hair issue,” she said. “I’m going to get the lesson on film, and hopefully other women will get it, too.”

You know what I struggle with? My mischievous smile and cute ass. It’s a curse I’ve not come to terms with yet. My therapist says give it time, but lately all she wants to do is have hot monkey sex with me. Sigh, one day I’ll meet someone who sees past these kissable lips and realize I have thoughts and feelings like everybody else. It’s just that I’m much more beautiful than they are.

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17 years ago

we dont want another shakira now !!