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Tyra Banks tried to pop her ass like Beyonce on Conan. It didn’t have the same effect. At least Conan got his boobs stroked.

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Angelina JolieAngelina JolieAngelina JolieAngelina JolieAngelina Jolie

  • shankyouverymuch

    This Tyra Banks is the most vacuous shit headed idiot there is … I honestly think stupid does not come any thicker then this moron … I’ve NEVER heard her say ANYTHING even REMOTELY intelligent … it’s like one stupid moronic thing falls out of her massive pie hole after another … it’s really strange that anyone could be this much of a bag of hammers … I also can’t believe that people have the patients to watch or listen her for more then 35 seconds … Maybe it’s the big tits syndrome … BUT alas, I think – I hope it is all coming to an end SOON- she looks FATTER on every show I see her on … Nothings more repugnant or looses it’s appeal to the public faster then a GREAT BIG FAT PORKER who used to be a model … unless it’s a GREAT BIG FAT PORKER who used to be a model and is as dumb as a STUMP!!!

  • Wylde


  • Swapnil

    thanks u thank u…for putting angelina jolie’s pics…mwaaah !!

  • Shawn

    It is good to know that Studio 60 is back !!

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