Joe Francis is going to jail

A Florida judge has held “Girls Gone Wild” founder Joe Francis in contempt of court and ordered him to report to federal authorities in Panama City by noon so he can begin serving jail time. The 2003 case where he was sued by underage girls claiming he victimized them was thought to be over after the plaintiffs accepted an offer. They thought wrong. Joe Francis tried to be sneaky and changed the conditions to include a payment plan that wouldn’t be completed for years.

Oh please, is it really victimization when you’re a 30-year-old millionaire out at clubs filming naked boobies and you find some drunk underage girls willing to trade sex for money? The answer is no, it’s not victimization. More like sexyization.

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Bite Me Bitch
Bite Me Bitch
16 years ago

Soon to find out why they call it the “pokey”.

16 years ago

Had seen a few videos

Didnt know that he is sent to JAIL !!