Kim Basinger didn’t do it

In a statement released to Ok! Magazine, Kim Basinger denies leaking the Alec Baldwin voicemail to the media. Kim did, however, hire bodyguards for her 11-year-old daughter Ireland. Her spokeswoman Annett Wolf says,

“Everybody is always asking why this custody battle has been going on for so many years,” her rep told OK! “The issue is not about Kim or the alleged alienation that Alec constantly refers to, it is about his ongoing aggressive behavior. Kim’s sincerest wish is for him to finally address his unstable and irrational behavior so he, at some point, can potentially create a relationship with his daughter. Until then, Kim will continue to protect and safeguard her child’s well-being as any parent would.”

Ireland probably released that voicemail to TMZ. That kid took her cellphone, hooked it up to a computer, recorded the message, made some calls and sent it off to the media. Alec was right. She is a rude, thoughtless little pig. She’s like Damien from “The Omen”. No one ever suspects the kid. Until now. I’m on to you Ireland. There’s no escaping my fists of justice.

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16 years ago

Some people think that the audiences are stupid…instead they are stupid !!