Kirsten Dunst and that guy are over

Kirsten Dunst has a new lover

Johnny Borrell of Razorlight ended his three-week relationship with Kirsten Dunst to get back together with ex-girlfriend Fabiola Gatti.

“Johnny and Kirsten had a very passionate romance – they were completely blown away by each other at first. They spent all their time together. Kirsten even made herself at home in Johnny’s London pad. But now Johnny’s realised she’s not the one for him. He dumped her at the weekend and has gone back to his old girlfriend.”

What man will love this monster now?! Even Quasimodo’s story isn’t as sad as Kirsten’s. A blind man wouldn’t even date her. He’d run his hand over her face and run away in horror. He wouldn’t get very far since he’s blind and he’d probably run into a parked car. Which is scary because Kirsten Dunst would be coming towards him like Jason Vorhees and he wouldn’t even know it.

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Perry de Havilland

Go to hospital after smoking a joint? Seriously? What exactly did she think they were going to do for her, provide some nachos and pizza to obviate the inevitable muchies? :-D

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