Kirsten Dunst has small boobs

Kirsten Dunst

Looking out for the male contingent, producers asked Kirsten Dunst to wear a padded bra in “Spider-Man 3” to enhance her breasts.

“I had to wear a padded bra on this movie, but I get it. It’s OK. It’s part of the thing. I didn’t feel like it was sexist or anything. I embraced my Mary Jane boobs! I know that her boobs are usually enhanced on the action figure toys as well.”

Out of all the things they could fix, they fix her boobs. What about her fangs? Every time I look at those things, I feel like I’m in “Interview With a Vampire” and I’m about to be subjected to eternal damnation with only Kirsten Dunst for company. Monday through Sunday would be like “Groundhog’s Day” until I finally pierce my heart with the stake I’ve been trying to drive through my chest for god knows how long.

Here’s the busty Kirsten Dunst at the Italian premiere of “Spider-Man 3”.

Kirsten DunstKirsten DunstKirsten DunstKirsten DunstKirsten Dunst

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13 years ago

I thought she had great natural ones before I read this !!

13 years ago

her breasts are not that small. what is sad is that the media trains people to think that B-cups are small, when they’re really not.

2 years ago

Those aren’t small, idiot. She’s bending over and she has a top that’s holding them down. Chick has a fantastic rack.

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