Kuroki Meisa is something something

Kuroki Meisa

We’re going international. This is Kuroki Meisa. All I know about her is she’s a Japanese model and actress. I’ll let Wikipedia do the dirty work.

…born in Okinawa Prefecture, Japan. She is represented by Sweet Power. Her father is half-American, and her mother is Japanese. She has appeared in a number of television dramas, commercials, films, and stage productions.

That was useless. Way to let me down Wikipedia. Anyway, a scientist once told me 90% of hapas are hot and that doctors are given specific orders to throw ugly ones into a pit of nails at birth. I thought that was weird. Not the pit of nails part, but the part where he put his hand on my knee while we were talking.

Kuroki MeisaKuroki MeisaKuroki MeisaKuroki MeisaKuroki Meisa

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