Lindsay Lohan is too modest

The ever so shy Lindsay Lohan forgot to button her shirt and bared her innocent breasts for all the world to see. Don’t look people. Let’s not objectify this pure and innocent creature like some sex starved hussy. I’m sure you perverts want to see her all nude, but she’d never pull a trampy stunt like that. Not my Lindsay. No way.

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16 years ago

I hope she does pullout that stunt some day !

Julie Morrison
16 years ago

Hi Lindsay, I just want to let you know that I am 31yrs old and married with 3 children, and have been so lucky to have found my husband when I was 16 and now 11yrs later and still going strong. The reason I am writing you is my husband Joe has the biggest crush on you. And although he say’s I look like you I would love it if you could send him an autographed picture for our 12th wedding anniversary. It would thrill him to death and really mean a lot. We think you are a wonderful actress… Read more »