Madonna is eyeing Grace

A spokesperson for Madonna has continued to deny the reason for her trip to Malawi this weekend is to adopt another African baby. Despite the statement, The Sun reports the infamous baby stealer has her eyes on a Malawian named Grace who she fell in love with after watching video of the kid playing in an orphanage. That may be cutesy and all, but adoption officials remember what happened last time they let the pop-star fly away with one of their babies.

“But adoption officials are being very strict after the uproar when Madonna adopted David. They know Grace is her first choice, but have insisted she looks at other girls first – and that the final decision is theirs.”

Officials have asked the star to view as many as TEN girls before a decision is taken on which to adopt. Two others, called Jessica and Mercy, who are both two, are also expected to be considered by the star.

Uh oh, the white devil is taking an impoverished African to live in her mansion again. The outrage. Have you ever thought Grace is happy with her daily helping of gruel? Every day is like finishing off a box of Cracker Jacks. What’s the prize this time? Roaches? Paper clips? Holy crap, it’s a shiny razor blade. Winner!

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17 years ago

She sure wants another baby…Just ‘celebrity acting’ you know !!