Charlotte Church

Charlotte Church is four months pregnant. She took a break from whatever she does to go on a no-expense-spared trip to Thailand…with sexy results.

  • Dick

    Whats so sexy in her ?

  • Nicolina

    ^ Some people would say Gavin Henson, but he makes me gag. I seriously hate CC. Not cause she’s a fat ugly twat, but she’s an actual bunny boiling talentless piece of shit. And she is Welsh.

  • Standish

    She looks stunning. Bone is for the dog, meat is for the man.

  • Scott

    Nicolina…are you blonde and pencil thin?

    Charlotte church has a huge TV show which is massively popular aswel as having a stunning voice which has made her very very rich. Mind you you probably wouldn’t be able to appreciate classical music as the statements you are making above are not very well backed up hence you must be quite stupid and probably of low class.

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