Paris Hilton and James Blunt?

Paris Hilton

While Nicky and Cameron were popping zits Wednesday night, Paris Hilton had her heart set on a different goal. Namely, seducing the self-absorbed James Blunt which shouldn’t be hard provided you have a vagina. A source says,

“They were all over each other. They both ended up back at Paris’ house.”

James Blunt really didn’t deserve Petra Nemcova. It was like pairing a platypus with a, umm, supermodel. Damnit. That analogy was lame. Whatever though. Paris Hilton and James Blunt go well together. I can’t stand either of them which works out quite well since they’ll probably be standing together when that huge government commissioned meteor falls from the sky and crushes them. No, I’m not crazy. Why would you say that?

Here’s the insipid bimbo trying to tell time. “Little hand on the 3 …. Big hand on the 5 …. 35 o’clock?”

Paris HiltonParis HiltonParis HiltonParis Hilton

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