Rose McGowan is a home wrecker

Filming for “Grindhouse” went on hiatus for a month last year because Robert Rodriguez’s wife Elizabeth Avellan found out about his affair with Rose McGowan. Elizabeth and Robert have 5 children from their 16 year marriage and Elizabeth is even co-producer on most of his films including “Grindhouse”. A source describes Avellan’s reaction as an “emotional volcano” (sounds hot).

“It was the worst-kept secret on the set. They were going off to his trailer, having meals together. Rose thought some of the crew were treating her differently, and the attitude was, like, well what do you expect when you’re [bleeping] the director?”

The whole point of being a director is to boink the hottest actress on set. Most of my leading ladies will agree, me ravaging them like a lion on crack is a perk. Once in a while though, I like to actually pretend I’m a lion and bite them behind the thigh and drag them to the ground. Rawr.

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14 years ago

yo rose mcgowan is a homewrecker yeah thats all

14 years ago
Reply to  jocelyn

but she cool

4 years ago

Evil sociopath scum.