Sony knows how to party

At a launch party, dubbed a “Greek Orgy” by the Daily Mail, for Sony Playstation 2’s God of War II game, the entertainment giant procured a freshly slaughtered — it was still warm when guests put their hands in — decapitated goat.

Guests at the event were even invited to reach inside the goat’s still-warm carcass to eat offal from its stomach.

They also threw knives at targets and pulled live snakes from a pit with their bare hands.

Topless girls added to the louche atmosphere by dipping grapes into guests’ mouths, while a male model portraying Kratos, the game’s warrior hero, handed out garlands.

Sony issued an apology and plans to recall all the Playstation magazines featuring the images. Seriously guys. Reaching inside a decapitated goat to eat its intestines? A pig I can understand. Bacon is yummy. But a goat is just gross. However, the topless girls feeding people grapes? Now that’s classy.

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