Tabloids don’t like Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie

Adoption of a fifth child from Chad is well on its way according to reports. The new addition will be brought on to balance the races in Angelina Jolie’s ever expanding brood. However, Angelina may want to give the exclusive pictures to someone other than People Magazine. Us Weekly, Star and other tabloids are tired of being scooped by the aforementioned publication and have turned on her. Page Six is on the scene.

She’d better be generous with the baby pictures. The headline on Us last week blared, “Her Twisted Double Life,” along with, “Her broken promise to be a stay-at-home mom . . . How she uses her kids to manipulate the media.”

This week, Star went with “Angelina Walks Out on Brad! . . . and Dumps the Kids!” The tab says Jolie reneged on her promise to stay home with her kids and flew off to Chicago to film “Wanted.”

There’s only one winner in all this and that would be me. I haven’t figured out the details yet, but let’s just say you’ll be seeing Angelina and me in a passionate embrace real soon. We may even be doing it. At this juncture, it’s the only move Angelina can make. Trust me, I’ve given this a lot of thought. A LOT of thought.

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I think she is amazing. Someone will catch her eye as the kids get older and are able to send more time with their father.

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