Tara Reid’s cup runneth over

Tara Reid’s breasts and stomach have been through more turmoil than the ditzy blond they’re attached to. In the beginning, they were merely A/B-cups content to relish in whatever attention “fans” so undeservedly threw upon them. Then Tara decided to turn them into a cup size whose letter sat so far in the alphabet that she had to draw a picture when the doctor asked for her desired measurements. It was all for naught as people’s reaction to her franken-boobs consisted of furtive glances and projectile vomiting. It was then she decided to reduce the girls to a smaller yet still unnatural size. The results of which you can see here.

As it seems, the cost of these surgeries left Tara Reid a pauper. Unable to buy swim wear that complemented her new look (Gosh, garbage bags are only $4 for 50 at her chic fashion boutique Walmart), she resorted to wearing the very same bikini she started her career with. So next time you see Tara, make sure to throw a quarter at her or if you have something heavier like a silver dollar, make sure to aim for the head.

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