Things are looking up for Joe Francis

Serving time in a Florida jail, guards found pills and $700 in cash in Joe Francis’ cell. A search was conducted after he tried bribing a guard with a $100 bill for a bottle of water.

The Bay County Sheriffs Office also tells TMZ that after executing a search, officials found at least there different kinds of pills — anti-anxiety meds aprazolam and lorazepam, as well as sleeping med Lunesta.

Officials have arrested Scott Barber, president of Mantra Films who are responsible for producing “Girls Gone Wild,” on suspicion of supplying Joe Francis with the contraband. This douchebag doesn’t get it. He’s screwed. Bend over, spread those cheeks and say “Thank you sir, may I have another” because the way things are going now, Joe Francis’ next foray into exploitative filmmaking will focus on pillow talk with a big hairy dude who thinks his lips are purdy.

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16 years ago

I liked ‘girls gone wild’

Was lovely