Tobey Maguire is a little bitch

Tobey Maguire was heading to his hotel in Paris when he slapped a camera out of a fan’s hand who held it in front of him for a picture. I walked around the street today asking people their feelings about this and the consensus was Tobey Macguire is a dick. Granted, some people disagreed. They thought Tobey was being more of an asshole or a douchebag.

Note: I think Tobey said “Don’t touch me dude.” Might have helped if he said it in French.

Tobey MacguireTobey MacguireTobey MacguireTobey MacguireTobey Macguire

  • Nicolina

    He’s an angry drunk.

  • I wish he started slurring too.

  • Swapnil

    But still I wont regret watching SM 3 !!

  • hes a bitch, we all know that, but spiderman compensates for that much :)

  • AC

    looks to me that the fan didn’t ask he just stuck the camera in front of him, which is rude… i don’t think toby should have smacked it but I don’t blame him.

  • R

    I would do that too if I had someone I didn’t know stick their camera in my face. Besides, maybe he was having a bad day or was tired. I know that even the nicest people get frustrated when they are constantly having people shove things in their face.

  • Wade

    The jackass camera man was sticked his camera in Tobey’s face. I would have do done the same (knocked the camera out of his hand). The camera man is the little bitch.

  • That’s true, but I like making fun of Spider-Man. It makes me feel like a super villain.

  • JAM

    It’s so easy to criticise, but the guy has a new baby and probably doesn’t get any sleep to begin with. On top of which he’s in a new country every day to promote S3. That’s got to be tiring. I’d be a little grouchy, too!!

    • Boo-hoo! Cry me a river! The fact of the matter is: just because he is (for some unknown reason) a celebrity, that doesn’t mean that he has the right to treat his fans (or anyone, really) like that. He’s become full of himself, and it’s time for him to be knocked down a peg or fifty. He needs to be reminded that just because he’s a so-called “celebrity,” that doesn’t give him the right to treat us, “little people,” like dirt!

  • Nicolina

    What’s with the love? He’s an ugly little arsehole. God, so ugly.

  • Bee

    What a bastard whats the big deal, I hope he didnt mess up the guys camera.

  • asdf

    what an ugly midget

  • rose

    If anybody stuck a camera in my face like that without permission, I’d get mad too. Others will probably disagree with me and say he’s a celebrity and should be more gracious about it but I thought the guy was rude and Toby was within his rights.

  • mike

    The guy pintched his ass i whay would you do

  • Lester

    The guy at least got to gab tobeys ass

  • JDM

    Tobey had every right to smack that guy’s camera out of his way!! He was trying to get in to his motel, probably wanted to get away from all of the reporters and paparazzi, and also get some rest if he could!! The guy shouldered his way up to Tobey, crowded up beside him with the camera held out in front with the ULTIMATE GOAL of snapping a picture of himself with Tobey!! (Like they were buddies or something–yeah, right!)

    Yeah, he may be a star, but he’s a HUMAN BEING first and foremost. He should be accorded some “personal” space like the average person!

    Give Tobey a break!! How would you feel if some jerk-off did that to you???

    (Me? If I were Tobey, I would probably flatten the guy for barging in on me like that–or have that beefy bodyguard deal with the cretin!)

  • Lyn

    It looked to me as though the guy was off-balance as he was shouldering his way through the crowd. Pay attention at the very beginning of the clip. He rushes up behind Tobey and puts the camera up trying to get a shot of himself and the star in the same frame. As anyone would, Mr. Maguire turns to look over his shoulder, and the camera nearly hits him in the face. But the guy is obnoxioulsy determined, continues to bulldoze his way up next to Tobey and tries again to put the camera in front of them to get the “freind” shot. I can totally understand why that hacked Toby off. Hope it broke the guy’s camera. Stars are hounded and stalked these days. When one of them is out in public, there is always a chance that some crazy person is going to try to do some harm. Give the guy a break. As a private citizen, I would be alarmed if anyone rushed up behind me on the street. I can’t imagine what the feeling must be like to be famous and know that every time you step out the door, chances are some rude person is going to try to grab a piece of you.

  • aroen

    If you don’t want people to snap pictures of you then don’t become an actor. Toby Maguire is one of the biggest jerks in hollywood. He is always rude to his fans. I guess he doesn’t realize that without fans he would be nothing. I was looking forward to seeing Spiderman 3 but I think I will skip this movie at least until it comes out on video. What everyone should do is skip seeing the movie the first day it comes out to show Mr. Maquire how much money he would be losing if it wasn’t for his fans. Then maybe next time a fan wants an autograph or to snap a picture like this guy just maybe he will take time out for them. There are much bigger and better actors than Mr. Maquire that take time for there fans. They are the ones that are true stars (Johnny Depp).

  • wtf

    camera dude was being a dick. what is it with fans feeling as if they have a RIGHT to autographs/pictures like that? tobey maguire’s doing his job running around promoting the film. that doesn’t include being harrassed by retards running up behind him and sticking cameras in his face.

  • Joe

    I guess Tobey was out of web-fluid? or maybe his spidey sence just did not kick in.
    His body-gaurd should not have let the fan get so close anyway!

  • Scott

    I’m with Toby on this one.
    The guy with the camera just jammed it in his face. It’s like, “What’s this? Get outta here.” It was more of a reaction than being a deliberate mean move.
    That whole line about,”if you don’t want people sticking a camera in your face then don’t become an actor” is bullshit. Stick a camera in my face…but pay me for it!
    I like WTF’s comment…the guy with the camera was being a retard. He should have had the balls to ask politely for a snap shot.

    Boy, I have way too much time on my hands to be commenting on this…

  • Knight

    I don’t care (in this case) what Toby is like. Jerk OR nice guy. The fact remains that HUMAN DECENCY is something that EVERYONE – from the pope to the poor man on the street to the criminal on death row – deserves.

    If Toby really is a mean-spirited man, then let the everyday consequences of his choices be it. That doesn’t mean that he’s required to be subject to disrespect, too.

    And all this “don’t be an actor…” crap is just that: CRAP. The paparazzi (spelling?) NEED to learn the difference between private life and public. (And don’t think I don’t realize that is a difficult line to recognize when it comes to the stars.) But it’s clear to me that shoving a camera in someone’s face for a cheap photo shot – AT TOBY’S EXPENCE!!! – is worse that however much a jerk Toby MIGHT be.

    Case in point…
    The Bible has something wonderful for moments like this (ha! and people say the Bible is outdated): Treat others the WAY you WANT to be treated. Doesn’t mean you WILL get treated nicely, but if you want to increase your chances, then don’t be a jerk. Oh, and get this, I’m refering to the camera man, not Toby. The camera jerk treated Toby rudely, so, what WOULD you likely expect? Toby reacts, and I, personally (not to place myself in God’s place) say that it was a justified reaction.

    [Jerk or nice guy… I support you, Toby! Can’t wait to see you in SM3!!! And congrats on your new baby! I’ll be praying for you, man.]

  • Agent303

    Tobey had every right to do what he did. I woulda done the same thing. Any fool coming up to me and harrassing me with photos is guna get what he deserves, and in this case that is what happened. It is funny how the paparrazzi and eveyrone is going to say he has no love for his fans just becasue of this one incident. This dude probably has a stressful career and all kinds of obligations, give him a break.

    Also, that was a skilled spidey-slap that disarmed the cameraman.

    • No, he didn’t have the right to do what he did. All he had to do was keep walking. That’s all he had to do. Instead, he behaved like a spoiled jerk!

  • emanuel

    He did the right thing it was all up in his face

  • joe

    Toby’s an asshole! I’ve it from alot of people and have seen it first hand! First of all I wouldnt want a picture of this little punk bitch. If he ever did that to me I’d lay him out. One day he’ll get his. Maybe he’ll do that to a little kid in front of his father and then they’ll be one bloodied and dead spider!!

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