Afternoon time wasters

Up there is the secret ending to the latest Pirates of the Caribbean movie which appeared after the end credits. They say it’s spoilerific and since I haven’t seen the movie, I haven’t seen the video. For all I know, it’s two naked chicks jello wrestling. I’ll probably watch the movie later as I hear Chow-Yun Fat’s character is rapist-y and that to me is worth the price of admission.

  • Bastardly: Christina Aguilera takes her pet monkey out on the town
  • CityRag: Kirsten Dunst Vs. Drew Barrymore, the battle of fug or something like that
  • Drunken Stepfather: Danielle Loyd in a bikini
  • Celebitchy: LA is cracking down on celebrity hot spots sending undercover cops to make sure no one underage is served after hours. They will name the task force 21 Jump Street.
  • CS: Britney Spears eats herself.
  • Celebslam: Paris’ cell will be lavishly furnished with a stainless steel toilet and a bed.
  • SOW: Michael Jackson owns Eminem, sucker
  • Zoo: Tai Emery is Zoo’s Babe of the Day. Not sure when I can win this thing. Need to buy a new g-string, but first I need to be un-banned from Victoria’s Secret.
  • Breesays: Britney having a good laugh over Paris (inmate) Hilton
  • JIYHB: Sienna Miller wears a see-through top. Spoiler: It’s her nipples (NSFW)
  • NinjaDude: Jodie Foster’s Hot Bag Ass
  • Egotastic: Keri Russell Has Whipped Cream on Her Breast
  • TFT: Emily Scott Gets Half Naked In The July 2007 Issue of FHM Magazine (Site NSFW)
  • College Humor: Lee Hotti PSA: Just say no… to “Those Guys.”
  • Time Killer: Lucy Pinder takes her top off. This is NSFW

Bonus: Lindsay Lohan guffaws during a drunk driving PSA. Karma got the last laugh.

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