Afternoon time wasters

Megan Fox

Mandy Moore Mandy Moore has a new album coming out or something and apparently I’m “sponsoring” a contest for it. The prize is $200 in Bliss beauty products, subscription to ELLE Magazine and Mandy Moore prize pack. So if you like winning stuff and are a really bored girl, then enter. Guys really comfortable with their sexuality or who just really like this kind of stuff can enter too. I don’t judge. *cough*gay*cough* Enter here. Also, if you’re a really hot chick, I can hook you up. Just give me a call. P.S. Not really, but call me anyway.

You’re probably wondering what else is out there right? Here’s a lot of time wasters.

  • Bastardly: Megan Fox Showed Off Her Tattoos @ Maxim Magazine’s 8th Annual Hot 100 Party
  • IDLYITW: Orlando Bloom is the Sexiest. Not according to me
  • Drunken Stepfather: Kim Kardashian’s Big Ol’ Tits of the Day (some NSFW on site)
  • CityRag: Val Kilmer, a Man of Reputation
  • Celebitchy: Nick Lachey and Vanessa Minnillo rescue guy who collapses with heart trouble
  • Gawker: Patrice Oneal Explains Donkey-Punching On Fox News
  • Celebslam: R. Kelly is a national treasure
  • NinjaDude: Ashlee Simpson’s Chest Competition
  • Pajiba: Anna Nicole’s last movie. Watch it. Or read this so you don’t have to.
  • Grumpiest: Rebecca Romijn in her Lingerie
  • CBS: CBS has a new show called Kid Nation like Lord of the Flies without the killing and fun. I think these kids are being fed lines. I hope there’s a plague.
  • AB: Avril Lavigne Speaks In Cliches
  • Evil Beet: How Did Jordin Get to the Finals?
  • SOW: Von Teese shows her Dita
  • CS: It’s Not Easy Being Orange
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