Angelina Jolie to take a break from acting

Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie is planning on taking a year long break from acting. Angelina has been shooting Wanted in Prague and will take a two month break followed by a two month shoot and then a year off. The 31-year-old actress and mother of 4 is currently in Cannes to promote her film A Mighty Heart in which she plays Mariane Pearl.

During her year off, Angelina Jolie and I will be shacking up in Cabo. You won’t be able to reach us and the police can’t find us, so please don’t try. Plus, we’ll probably be too busy having hot monkey sex. Isn’t that right sweetie? What’s that? Speak up. I can’t understand you with all that duct tape on your mouth.

Angelina Jolie 2007 CannesAngelina Jolie 2007 CannesAngelina Jolie 2007 CannesAngelina Jolie 2007 CannesAngelina Jolie 2007 Cannes

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13 years ago

Could she and her no-talent husband take a break from BREATHING ?- just an hour or two would be OK. Well, could they at least disappear from the public eye for a couple years?

13 years ago

^ Well, maybe if you stayed away from CELEBRITY GOSSIP SITES, you wouldn’t see her that often. Geez.

13 years ago

“I can’t hear you with all that duct tape on ur mouth.”

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so what
so what
13 years ago

I wish she would take a really long break…like..forever. And Brad too.

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