Blur is coming back

Now that the Pixies have done it and Rage Against the Machine have done it, Blur is reuniting and giving the music thing another shot. Alex James has confirmed Blur is returning to the studio this summer with founding guitarist Graham Coxon. No word yet on whether or not Damon Albarn is on board too. James said,

“We’re all heading into the studio together this summer. Graham’s coming too. We’re gonna see if we’ve still got it. If not, I think we’ll just call it a day.”

If any of you mention that God forsaken Song 2 bull-cocky Woo-Hoo ear rape, I have been given the legal right to beat you with a stick. And not a little twig either. It’ll be with the mighty stump of a Great Oak. Savagely. Yes. I will savagely beat you with the stump of a mighty oak tree. But not to death because jail is bad for my butthole.

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Celebrity Hack
17 years ago

Ah come on… Song 2 was a joke that frat boys everywhere didn’t get.