Britney Spears continues her comeback tour

Britney Spears bikini

Britney Spears performed her fifth mini-concert in Orlando where it didn’t go so well. The lip-syncing Britney had to turn her backs to fans when the background track skipped.

With the crowd chanting “Britney! Britney! Britney,” a blonde Spears, clad in a hot-pink bustier top, a pleated white micro-mini and torn fishnet stockings, took the stage with her backup dancers at 9:31 p.m. to the music of “…Baby One More Time.”

…but this time she experience a glitch: at one point the background track skipped, forcing Spears to improvise by turning her head away from the audience as the song got back on track.

But the hijinks didn’t stop there. On a flight from Florida to LA, Britney Spears allegedly refused to sit in her assigned seat because they weren’t made of leather. Her temper tantrum delayed the flight for almost one hour angering passengers. Even more delays occurred when Britney stormed off the plane at the last minute.

And here’s Britney being classy, partying in her bikini. She even has a little top hat.

Britney Spears BikiniBritney Spears BikiniBritney Spears BikiniBritney Spears BikiniBritney Spears Bikini

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