Britney Spears makes her comeback, kind of

Tuesday night at the House of Blues in San Diego, Britney Spears performed on stage for the first time in 3 years. Keeping fans waiting for three hours, the mother of two emerged in a pink bra top and white short skirt with exposed belly ring. Britney began the performance with Baby One More Time (Remix) followed by I’m a Slave for You, Breathe On Me, Do Something and finally ending it 15 minutes later with Toxic. Before leaving, Spears uttered her first and final words to the audience. “Thanks everyone for coming.”

To recap. Each person paid $35 a ticket, stood around for 3 hours until Britney Spears showed up at 10 p.m. and watched her lip-sync to 5 songs lasting a grand total of 15 minutes. You know what I’m thinking? It was totally worth it. You know what else is totally worth it? Being shoved onto a treadmill after having your ankles broken by a sledgehammer.

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16 years ago

Thats some good news about her after a long long time !!

16 years ago

In India she is very popular though !!