Christina Ricci stays nude

Christina Ricci

Christina Ricci is a serious actress. Her role in Black Snake Moan required her to be nude and as such, she handled it like a pro. Christina was so committed to her role that she would refuse to put her clothes back on in between takes.

“I didn’t cover up between shots because I had to get used to being like that and get into the way (my character) was thinking,” Ricci told the London Mirror. “It didn’t matter to her whether she had clothes on or not, so I needed to lose any self-conscious affectations.”

I don’t know if I can get with this. She looks part alien now and I’m at that point in my life where I’m not ready for an anal probe. Maybe it’s the haircut that says, “I’m not of this Earth.” Who knows? What I do know is my haircut says, “Too Sexy.” I glued the rhinestones in yesterday. Damn I’m hip.

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Obviously she is a pro at such things :D !!


I dont like that pic of hers

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