Danny Bonaduce grabs nuts

On June 1 an event called RockBox will take place featuring a boxing match between Danny Bonaduce and San Diego DJ, Lee Honish, (Ticketmaster info) followed by a performance by P.O.D. This is the press conference for said event where the DJ and Danny both get chesty and end up girl fighting. That’s when it happens. Summoning the power of a million eagle claws, Danny Bonaduce grabs the DJ’s nuts and squeezes. Like an evil little elf, he doesn’t let go until he’s pulled away.

I think this is his idea of foreplay since it also looks like he started humping him. Jesus, are you sure this is going to be a boxing match? Because I think I’ve seen one before and neither guy threw the other person on the ground and started thrusting their crotch into them. Or maybe…? No, nope, there definitely was no crotch thrusting.

For people interested in MMA, Bob “The Beast” Sapp is also on the card fighting an as of yet unknown celebrity. And if you don’t know who Bob Sapp is, you do now. Bonus: Bob Sapp in a Japanese commercial. Another one after the jump.

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