David Hasselhoff is insecure

Piers Morgan describes himself as a good friend of David Hasselhoff who worked with him on America’s Got Talent. Piers says The Hoff is an extremely insecure individual with a massive ego. Not a day goes by that Hasselhoff doesn’t mention Baywatch or Knightrider being the “biggest tv shows ever” and the “9 million albums I’ve sold in Germany.”

According to Morgan, the former “Baywatch” star engages in “endless self-aggrandizing” and yet is “an insecure man who just wants to be loved. I sit next to him in the makeup trailer, and he is bordering on the obsessive about his personal appearance.”

He should be insecure. Clearly, only Germany buys his crap because they have to. You can’t hate your own national export. On the inside, Germans are really bitter that a drunk Hamburgler represents their country. I think that’s why Hitler killed so many people.

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