Dina Lohan is using Lindsay

Entertainment Tonight fueled Dina Lohan’s desire to become a TV star by hiring her to do celebrity interviews at the premiere of her daughter’s movie, Georgia Rule. The self-proclaimed white Oprah had no qualms about being used to grab an exclusive with Lindsay Lohan.

A spokeswoman for the show told Page Six: “Dina Lohan will be a special correspondent for the ‘Georgia Rule’ premiere. We are looking forward to Dina asking the questions only a mother can.”

Dina Lohan will stop at nothing to become famous. One day Dina will be so desperate, she’ll knock out Lindsay and try to steal her face. Only, Dina doesn’t know how to transplant faces so she’ll tie a string around it and wear it as a mask. “Don’t be frightened. It’s me, Lindsay”, Dina will cackle. At first everyone will be suspicious, but 20 lines of blow later, there will be collective sigh of relief.

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16 years ago

With all these heart-felt, public displays of motherly love, it is very difficult to understand how the young Hollywood starlet could have so many problems. Here is a pretty funny related blog: