Dustin Diamond makes new friends

Celebrity Fit Club

Dustin Diamond is a friendly guy. Just watch this clip from Celebrity Fit Club and see how he soothes the angry man yelling at him. Yea, nice and calm like a Barry Manilow album. I could have sex to this. By the way, I’ve never seen this show so I have no idea what’s going on. I just like watching people yell at Screech.

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Big Boss

Pretty nice video :p


Yeah…damn good !!

Nice calm man :p

Mr Pink

“oh i’m black, i’m fighting against back to whitey using the f word repeatedly.” damn black people. I’m not racist, but if I was there I would’ve told that guy to suck it. I would’ve loved for Mr Angry Black Man to come over and punch me in the face with cameras rolling. Get myself a little “Reparation” if you catch my drift. I’m glad Screech didn’t back down at all, nobody needs to take the insane rambling of a guy with a small penis and a big ego. WAY TO GO DUSTIN DIAMOND.


Why the hell is that guy on the show. He clearly has serious anger management issues. I notice he didn’t come round the table though just yelled and said the f-word a lot. I’m glad Dustin Diamond stood his ground and was all I ain’t scared of you. And as for asking Dustin who the hell he is? Why he’s “Screech Powers” from Saved by the Bell. Now who in the hell is that guy? – I don’t even know his name.


The guy is a military man that they brought in to be their resident tough guy. He’s basically a psycho drill sgt.


I think Dustin was completely out of line here. He obviously threatened the guy, not knowing he was a champion fighter, and then had to suffer the consequences. The fact that he just stood there like an idot on a stump simply proves how stunned and terrified he really was. No matter who you are, if that lump of laze came after you, you’d be forced to respond as well.

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