“Entourage” doesn’t care about black people

Entourage, produced by Mark Wahlberg and based loosely on his life, has drawn the ire of a former African American bodyguard who used to work for him. Leonard Taylor very observantly tells Page Six,

“There are no black people on the show. There are no black or Latino bodyguards, like Mark used to have – it’s a slap in the face. People always ask me, ‘Why is there no character based on you in “Entourage”?’ “

It only took him three seasons to figure it out. Although, a rep for the series replied that the show’s characters don’t use bodyguards and that Turtle has an African American girlfriend. The rep then placed his hand over his pocket to make sure his wallet was still there and mumbled out of earshot, “God, isn’t this what BET and CW are for?,” while quietly locking his car doors.

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16 years ago

Cause ALL black people want to steal wallets, be bodyguards and work on BET and CW. You’re like so amazing.