Jessica Simpson is inspired

Jessica Simpson has posted an entry on her website about how Michelangelo inspired her and led her on a path of self-discovery. I think that means masturbation.

Hey everyone. I hope you are all doing well! I am getting ready to start MAJOR MOVIE STAR and I am so excited! I just got back from spending some time in Europe, and while I was there I visited many museums, and have been reading about different artists. I have also been writing a lot in my journal recently. I was reading a book about Michelangelo and there were 2 quotes that caught my attention –

“I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set him free.” Michelangelo

^(3)Each time we face our fear, we gain strength, courage, and confidence in the doing.^(2)

These quotes inspired me to write the below passage. I hope you can find your own individual meaning in it, as I keep coming back to it and find new strength.

“Sometimes we are all so afraid to be honest with ourselves because we know that honesty will lead us somewhere off the path of the life we’ve mapped out in our minds. Today, I challenge us to ask ourselves this…
What if we allow our fear to provoke us into action?
Can facing our fear be what walks us to somewhere better?
I do not have your answers, but in the quest to find my own, I’ve discovered somewhere worth traveling to…
In my life, I ignore my fears too often, but then I’m left with nothing to challenge the best of me. I just remain cowering from my true identity. There is no discovery.”

This is just like The Matrix‘s “There is no spoon.” Except in this case, it’s “there is no brain.” She might as well have said she was channeling god through her breasts because this new Tony Robbins career path feels a little underwhelming. Or maybe it only feels that way because Jessica Simpson is writing it. She could come up with a working prototype for perpetual motion and the only thing I would say is, “Aww, what’s wrong blondie? Lost your Barbie?”

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