Joe Francis’ life isn’t getting any better

Joe Francis

A judge ruled on Thursday that once Joe Francis finishes his sentence in Miami on Tuesday, he be sent to Nevada to face tax evasion charges. The Girls Gone Wild founder is also facing the possibility of having his California probation for violating federal laws designed to prevent the sexual exploitation of minors revoked. OoOoo, big words California.

Geez. You film one or two or thirty underage drunk girls flashing their boobies, pay them to have sex with you, lie about a couple million dollars here and there on a tax form and the government comes down on you like a ton of bricks. Is Uncle Sam gay? Because he sure likes f’ing people up the ass. Where’s the justice?!

  • Swapnil

    Poor guy !!

  • Kewl

    Thats utter INJUSTICE !!! HELP HIM SOMEONE !!

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